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uniquez April 17, 2008 10:13

Mesh Face for a 2D human heart
Hi folks,

To mesh the face for a 2D human heart, what elements and type do you recommend using?

And do i use interval count?

Pls help me.. Thank you.

ALI April 17, 2008 13:52

Re: Mesh Face for a 2D human heart
If you going for a Laminar Flow then go for quad mesh but for everything else TRIANGULAR mesh is the best .

In my view if you use Interval count it will be good for you because you can generate a smooth profile moreover the contours can be seen clearly, but again depends what are you doing on the surface that's the main concern before choosing the interval count......

uniquez April 17, 2008 19:06

Re: Mesh Face for a 2D human heart
hI. thanks for responding.

I have read up several journals.

I believe they usually use imcompressive, Newtonia behaviour dynamics viscosity of certain values and as a laminar flow, navier-srokers eqn.

I intend to mesh the 2D heart, set the boundaries and import into fluent for calculations etc.

Whats the diff if i use quad/Map, quad/pave?

uniquez April 18, 2008 07:02

Re: Mesh Face for a 2D human heart

Can any1 help me out pls?

Thanks in advance.

Paul April 18, 2008 09:19

Re: Mesh Face for a 2D human heart
Can you spell out your words (anyone instead of "any1", please instead of "pls")? It'll take what, an additional quarter of a second out of your day?

And have you looked at the fluent manual? Search for Quad/pave and you'll find all you need.

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