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Xavier April 18, 2008 07:02

Cavitation Model
Hi! I am using FLUENT to calculate the cavitation in a pipe. The fluid entering is just water with dissolved gases and my question is how to determine the propeties of the second material (water vapor), density and viscosity. Cheers xavi

ROOZBEH April 18, 2008 07:39

Re: Cavitation Model

You can simply have a look at the thermodynamic table of the saturated water properties. At that table, you can find the saturated pressure (vapor pressure) at each temprature. For water, the saturated pressure (Pv) at 300K is 0.0256Kg/m3. The value of vapor viscosity is 9.09e-6Kg/ms. To find these values you can have a look at Dr. Senocak's PhD dissertation :"Computational Methodology for the Simulation of Turbulent Cavitating Flows. Ph. D. Dissertation. University of Florida. 2002" or a handbook.

Regards, Roozbeh

Xavier April 21, 2008 03:01

Re: Cavitation Model
Many thanks Roozbeh. So then, I have to define the second material as saturated vapor, and then find the propierties at the corresponding temperature. For instante in my case, since temperature of the fluid (water) is 300K, your values for saturated vapor are ok.

I understand that the cavitation model of FLUENT will calculate internally the moisture content (and the posisition in the molier diagram).

Could you possibly tell me where to find Dr.Senocak's PhD dissertation? Many thanks Xavi

Roozbeh April 21, 2008 05:39

Re: Cavitation Model
I downloaded his dissertation from the internet about 4 years ago. I do not know if his dissertation is in the web now.

Xavier April 21, 2008 06:04

Re: Cavitation Model
Hi Roozbeh, Could you possibly send it to me if it is not a hassle for you? cheers xavi

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