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Munir Ahmed Khan April 23, 2008 09:55

Modelling fuel cells

I am trying to model the PEM Fuel Cell in Fluent. Can anybody suggest or recommend some material where I can start. I'm not using the Fuel Cell module in Fluent.

elemad1987 August 7, 2012 07:45

History repeat it self
guess what happenHistory repeat it self.

I have the same problem as you

I am using the Fluent 14 and I want to simulate a PEM fuel cell.
The only tutorial of PEM fuel cell of Fluent is from 6.3 version.
I use it to Fluent 14 and I follow the steps but the results does not the same, also some data and parameters are different.

Anybody know if the tutorial of 6.3 Fluent is working to Fluent 14 too?
I think now you had finish your thesis peacefully.
Can you help me to overcome my problems.
or send me your cas files.

Thank you
Emad G.

amber November 6, 2012 03:48

pem fuel cell tutrial
The values of reference current density is in A/m2 now. In the tutorial it was in A/m3. You need to multiply the ref current density with sp area to place it in new version. ( read the theory manual) .Also various options like leakage current, multicomponent diffusion are new. Best of luck!

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