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Craig April 24, 2008 13:17

Shock Fitting
I'm modeling a shock wave propagating in an obstructed channel.

Does anyone know if Fluent can perform shock fitting where shock waves do not diffuse due to a coarse mesh. In shock fitting, a model places a shock between nodes to keep the shock infinitely thin. I'm aware of the dynamic gradient adaptation option for shock capturing but I couldn't find anything for shock fitting.

Craig April 24, 2008 17:06

Re: Shock Fitting
I've noticed from the Fluent manual that the Third-Order MUSCL Scheme is based on the paper by Leer (REF 378), which built upon Godunov's method. Godunov's method is a shock fitting method where the shock tube problem is solved between nodes to get a more accurate position of the shock. The Fluent Manual also says that the Third-Order MUSCL Scheme is a blend of the central differencing scheme and the second-order upwind scheme. Does that mean that the upwind scheme is a Godunov type scheme as well?

Anyone messed around with shocks in Fluent to give some advice? Right now I'm using the density based solver with the 2nd order upwind scheme without grid adaptation and I got a shock to propagate (although it was pretty thick).

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