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Jake April 25, 2008 04:20

Having problem in creating a volume mech in GAMBIT
I am trying to mesh a volume. The volume is basically a 6 sided brick, with one of face that I put face mesh are made up of several faces while the opposite face is made up with only one face.

For that, I am trying to use a Cooper scheme to imprint similar face mesh to the other side, and it seems that portion is successful.

However, as with other 4 faces that covers the rest of the volume are giving me the problem. While 3 of 4 are meshed with right orientation to their corresponding faces, one on the back is giving me a face mesh all the way twisted.

You may imagine it as one twisting a piece of paper while holding both ends. As the result, the middle section of the meshed face is actually protruding out of the constructed face.

I tried to only mesh the problematic face, and got the same problem.

Any thought how to fix this problem?

mAx April 25, 2008 05:01

Re: Having problem in creating a volume mech in GA
if you delete your mesh and then switch the visibilty on "shaded", is this twisted problem still visble? if yes, then it isn't a mesh problem, but a construction problem.

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