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kbs April 25, 2008 12:59

How to change domain extents in fluent
I am drawing pipe as 3D cylinder in gambit and export the mesh into fluent. When I check the grid fluent show the following dimensions:

Domain Extents:

x-coordinate: min (m) = -3.061516e-017, max (m) = 2.500000e+001

y-coordinate: min (m) = -4.925000e-002, max (m) = 4.925000e-002

z-coordinate: min (m) = -2.789934e-017, max (m) = 4.925000e-002

where x is the dimension towards the cylinder length and the (y & z) coordinates towards the radial direction. The last to coordinates appeared in fluent as (-R & +R) I want these coordinates start from 0 to full diameter of cylinder not as shown above how can I do this please help ?

Thanks a lot KBS

AAA April 25, 2008 19:22

Re: How to change domain extents in fluent

go to Grid-->translate



kbs April 26, 2008 08:18

Re: How to change domain extents in fluent
hey AAA the method you suggest solve part of the problem along the y-direction but the probelm still exist with the z-coordinates its start from 0 to radius of cylinder. I set the cylinder as symmetric along the y-axis and used mirror option to complete the cylinder along the z-direction but the dimension of it not change what can I do then?

Thanks a lot

AAA April 26, 2008 16:07

Re: How to change domain extents in fluent

First of all, I think you have a scale problem. From your first message, your x- range goes to e-17 m. Please check the dimensions.

If you are using symmetry, your domain will be what you have drawn in Gambit. The extra half you will see with the mirror option at the postprocessing stage is not part of the domain considered in the scale option.

If the flow is mainly along the length of the cylinder, consider modeling 1/4th of the cylinder with two symmetry faces.



AAA April 26, 2008 16:32

Hi again

I apologize for not paying attention to the "e-17 m" in the past message, which equals to zero. Sorry for that.



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