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Jake May 5, 2008 02:38

Rotating a geometry in GAMBIT
Hi there, I am having trouble getting one of my geometry transformed to another location.

I have been using Align option to move one piece of geometry from on vertex to another vertex.

Now I have to actually rotate an edge while having one end fixed to a vertex.

The edge I am trying to rotate was created by someone else and has a wierd shape, that I cannot recreate it. Maybe the previous person created it with sweep or combination of vertices and some arcs. Anyway, unless there's a way to figure this out, I mean figure the way that previous person used to create the edge by going through GAMBIT menu, I will have to rotate it.

As I have said, one end needs to be fixed at that vertex. Then I only like to have the edge rotated toward inside direction so that part of it will interesect with other edge, because if I rotate it inward while one end fixed, I am pretty sure the other end would not meet with the desired vertex.

The problem is, even with align menu and rotation submenu, it just doesn't work. what do I need to do in Align menu? Help me out please

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