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Rick May 7, 2008 10:16

fluent UDF external library lapack problem
I'm trying to use a LAPACK eigensolver function called zggev within my UDF. I can run my UDF as a stand-alone code outside of fluent using zggev, I had to add the commands "-static -z muldefs -llapack -lblas -latlas -lg2c -lm" to my makefile, but it works perfectly. However when I try to run my UDF within fluent as a "Define_adjust", the lapack function zggev is not recognized and I get an error saying "symbol lookup error: libudf/lnamd64/3ddp/ undefined symbol: zggev_" Now I built my udf library the manual way, using the text user interface so I could have more control over the makefile. I added the line "-static -z muldefs -llapack -lblas -latlas -lg2c" to the "LDFLAGS_LNAMD64" command (since that is my architecture) in the /libudf/src/makefile. This makefile seems to run just fine and doesn't give me any linking errors. However I still get the error when zggev is called while running the UDF in fluent. Is there something I'm missing? What do I need to do to access an external library within a UDF?

Thanks, -Rick

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