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JSM May 7, 2008 23:46

Pump characteristic curves
Dear all,

In water pump analysis, I am extracting the characteristics curve like Q vs H, Q vs Power and Q vs NPSH. I am new to this pump domain. How to set the boundary condition to extract these characteristic curves. The only input I have, is rotational speed of pump.

Please give your ideas and experience. It is more helpful to me.

Thanks in advance

With regards, JSM

a May 8, 2008 13:23

Re: Pump characteristic curves
use back pressure i.e static pressure to get different value of these variables for same RPM. hope u got my point. regards

JSM May 11, 2008 23:43

Re: Pump characteristic curves

Thanks for reply. For NPSH, how to set the boundary condition at inlet and outlet. Any idea?

Thanks JSM

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