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Abba H May 9, 2008 20:08

Modeling of furnace in Gambit
Hey can somebody guide me

I'm trying to modell a coal furnace (power plant) in Gambit but Im having problem with the meshing. The Gambit at some point will stop and said no memory. Some one suggested that I should modell the furnace into different zones then mesh each of the volume seperately, but Im having difficulty in connecing the volumes. After I have modelled the furnace and mesh each volume seperately I cannot export it to fluent. It gives me error message that cannot export some faces and the whole volume. Pls can somebody give me an idea or guide into how I should go about this?

Phil May 11, 2008 08:33

Re: Modeling of furnace in Gambit
Hey Abba,

The best approach is to firstly create the whole model as one volume. Then split the volume into its smaller pieces using the split volume function. You can split a volume using faces and volumes, and you can also split the faces and edges up to facilitate meshing.

After this you can create the mesh, and using the cooper mesh which extrudes the face mesh through a volume is a good bet. For best results link the 2 identical face meshes that you wish to extrude through using the link face meshes option - edges can also be linked which is useful.

Hope this helps

Ahmad May 11, 2008 08:47

Re: Modeling of furnace in Gambit *NM*

Abba May 24, 2008 19:35

Re: Modeling of furnace in Gambit
Hi Phil

Thanks for the information. I have modelled the furnace, but Im still having problem creating the mesh, I have tried to mesh, but it gives me error message that some areas are too small to be mesh? The furnace Im modelling is about 500MWe coal fired boiler, it got 12 burners and 9 overfire air ports. How do u think I should go over this?

patiludayv April 13, 2010 12:08

which model should i use for furnace?
Hi I faced one problem related to application of models used in fluent.
Which model should I use for modeling of furnace which having working temperature (inside temperature) of 700 degrees? Should I use Discrete Ordinate (DO) model?
How to decide which model is used to which temperature range?
please reply?

chris.mackidd December 5, 2011 15:28

hey Abba
do you have any ready file for combustion in a furnace?

student00 December 6, 2011 10:04

Hi Abba
small areas are out of bound for mesh size we give to it for this......try stuctured or unstructured mesh...i think one of these will give you the answer.........

wissou22 December 6, 2011 12:59

mesh gambit Fortran
Iím trying to read a mesh generated from gambit and use it in FORTRAN, I know that I must read mesh file from gambit it fluent then export fluent case file to tecplot. But I couldnít read this file in FORTRAN, is there a subroutine available for reading the tecplot file in FORTRAN.
Thanks you

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