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Phil May 10, 2008 17:34

LES convergence monitors
Hi there,

I'm new to LES and have recently implemented it into my gas turbine combustor model, which converged very well using RANS. I was wondering if anyone with LES experience could give me afew general guidelines for my approach? Such as time increment (currently 0.00001), or suitable unsteady convergence monitors.

I'm currently only modeling the upstream section with the fuel injection until I'm more confident with LES, on around 200,000 cells carefully placed mostly in the mixing zone and any adjacent walls. I'm just using the species transport equations to see if the jet penetration starts to form after lots of timesteps, but it seems unstable (not the residuals). Tp be honest there's not much practical literature out there. Any advice for getting it working well/better would be great!

Any help is very much appreciated,


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