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harish May 11, 2008 16:35

Shock tube simulation

I am trying to run a shock tube simulation on a tube with a 5m driver section; and 10m driven section (with air on both sections). I am running 2D simulations but with only one cell in the y-direction (normal to the shock direction) and symmetric boundary conditions on the upper and lower walls. Both end walls are set to the wall-boundary condition.

The configuration is shown below:

---------*---------------------------- | Driver | Driven | ---------*----------------------------

I am using the following configuration for the solver:

coupled, unsteady implicit solver with energy enabled; 2nd order discretization; node based gradient method; density goes as ideal gas; cp etc remain constant; Courant# = 0.5

The problems are:

1. The shock wave is too shallow (over several grid points)

2. The shock wave moves too fast compared to 1-D calculations (almost twice as fast as expected)

Clearly, I am messing things up pretty bad. Any help/pointers/sample jou files/example problems/example solutions would be much appreciated.

(This is not for any class -- I am trying to figure out the effect of putting a side-chamber in a shock tube)

harish May 11, 2008 16:46

Re: Shock tube simulation
sorry, the picture did not come out right




Nishu July 8, 2009 13:31

Hi Harish,

Can you please send me the 1D code for shock tube problem at I need it for my research.

Thanks a lot

tramber July 29, 2009 13:52

Hi Harish,

I did such a validation a few years ago with Fluent 6.2 or 6.3

I obtained similar results comparing the coupled-implicit (today refered as density based implicit) to the coupled-explicit (previously called Rampant and today refered as density based explicit).

Both matched the exact solution pretty good.

Note that I more than one cell in the y direction.

I can provide you with the msh and jou if you still need it.

jafarizade August 3, 2012 22:04

hi tramber
i do really need your mesh and journal files of the shock tube.
is it possible for you to mail me what you have such as mesh file and journal files and etc?
i will be a very good help for me and i do appreciate your help.
my email is
thanks in advance!

charisma January 25, 2014 03:20

hey tramber

can you please mail me those files too? the msh file and journal files.
my email is
thank you.

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