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M-Ray May 16, 2008 02:48

Changing area with a random value of pressureinlet
Hi, i work on a 3d microfluidic incompressible flow with single rectangular inlet and rectangular outlet. I'ld like to increase the size of the outlet area (with a fixed center and stretching left and right edges simultaneously) automatically with inlet pressure. Pressure outlet is constant, 1200 Pa. Pressure inlet BC starts with a random value, if the pressure inlet BC is between 9100 and 1800 Pa, then area increases till inlet pressure is below 1800 Pa. If the random inlet pressure is lower than 1800 Pa, then the outlet area does not change. The questions are:

"Can I change pressure inlet boundary condition and get the graphics of pressure inlet versus volumetric flow rate and pressure inlet versus outlet area ?"

"Will I have to use DEFINE_ADJUST to change pressure in my c file ? Or if not, what else to use ?"

"I'ld like to get a random value of pressure inlet, that is automatically written by the program, is it possible to do this with UDF ?"

Helps will be appreciated. Thank you for reading...


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