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Sandilya Garimella May 19, 2008 13:35

URGENT custom property for UDF

I am trying to solve for Poisson equation in Fluent by writing UDF. This is for solving for Electric Potential with space charge

In my domain there are regions with different values of electrical permittivity

Hence I should be able to do the following

1. Define a custom property (epsilon) for using in UDF

2. Be able to set the values of custom property in each of the different regions of the domain. Ex - I have two regions within domain (air and glass with epsilon 1 an d 4.3)

3. Be able to define a profile for the custom property along the interface between the two domains {This is to ensure conservation of electrical fields in the interface}

Can you please give me lead into what I need to look into for this

There is a GENERIC_PROPERTY macro but it has no examples in the manual which i can use

Thank you



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