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h.daniyel June 2, 2008 02:57

problem in compoile UDF
hi everyone could any one help me i want compile a UDF in fluent and i installed visual c++ Visual c++ is installed in D and fluent is installed in c version of fluent is 6.3.26 i saved case file and udf file in one folder and shared it. i set Enviroment in fluent but when i load udf in compile section fluent show an error and write: Error: open_udf_library:The system cannat find the file specified . Error object: ( ) i have run fluent by dos but problem is not solve? this problem is appear for every udf and i cannot compile any udf.


Rajan June 2, 2008 06:44

Re: problem in compoile UDF
Assuming that u have set all environment variables, first compile the udf and then load it. When u compile it visual c++ creats a object file which will be used by fluent. Once u compile without any error the link between fluent and visual c++ breaks there, after that its all fluent that uses the object file.

Regards Rajan

h.daniyel June 2, 2008 10:19

Re: problem in compoile UDF
thanks for your answer and your attention i guess my visual c++ has a problem .and you are right. when i want compile my udf in vc++ in computer,which has both of fluent and vc++ ,it cannot do that and show this error (in vc++): ""fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'udf.h': No such file or directory Error executing cl.exe."" i think i must copy udf.h file from \Fluent.Inc\fluent6.3.26\src and paste it in vc++.but i do not know where exactly. what is your opinion ?is the essential my problem in vc++? with best regards

novice June 3, 2008 05:42

Re: problem in compoile UDF

I am notsure whether it helps but try once. Open the command prompt of vc++ and start fluent from this(copy the path of the fluent location and paste in the command prompt of VC++)

best regards

Sean June 6, 2008 20:53

Re: problem in compoile UDF
In the FLUENT UDF document, there is a note: "Note that if you are running serial or parallel FLUENT on a Windows system, then you must have Microsoft Visual Studio installed on your machine and have launched FLUENT from the Visual Studio console window to compile a UDF"

But how to start command prompt of VC++?


novice June 12, 2008 05:06

Re: problem in compoile UDF
If C++ is installed in ur the following:

go to STRAT--> Programs--> VC++ --> visual studio tools --> visualstudio command prompt

hope this helps



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