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Rémi June 6, 2008 04:58

Constant density on a mixture
I make a flow calculation involving a mixture of incompressible fluids. How can i impose a constant density for the mixture?

I know UDFs enable to handle this problem, does anybody know the code that has to be used?

Thanks in advance.


Victor June 6, 2008 05:17

Re: Constant density on a mixture
I'm not quite a expert in Fluent, but for me the most simple answer it'll be setting to all the fluids in the mixture the same density - the one that your trying to impose - so Fluent will calculate always the same constant density, no matter what you have in that cell.

Or are your looking for something like using a constant density in each cell considering a mean density between all fluids in that cell? If you're looking for that, I suppose FLuent will do it for you (as implicitly said before).

My best regards, Victor

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