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Domenic June 8, 2008 18:20

User-Defined Material Database
I need to use materials not in fluent... So I am attempting to use a user defined database. I followed the format in the Fluent user guide but go the following error.

Error: GENERAL-CAR-CDR: invalid argument [1]: improper list Error: Object: rtv r

Here is a sample of the .scm file, can anyone tell me why fluent is choking on this. (rtv solid (chemical-formula . r) (density (constant . 88.0)) (specific-heat (constant . 0.26)) (thermal-conductivity (constant . 0.24516)) (formation-entropy (constant . 10000)) )

Thanks in Advance

Roule June 1, 2015 09:34

well. i am again replying to a 7 yr old post, but still, if it helps anyone else...

u just need to enclose the entire thing u have already written in another set of parentheses...that's it..

i just wrote a used-defined material for my simulation....i too was having this problem..i enclosed my code within another set of parentheses and it worked...

here is the scheme i used:

(ylw inert-particle
(chemical-formula . qwe)
(density (constant . 1011))


note the extra set of parentheses.

hope this helps someone :-)

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