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Juan June 11, 2008 10:43

VOF visualisation help.
Good day. I am a junior engineer trying to simulate a toilet flush flow using fluent. I have managed to simulate the flush from 0 up to 15 seconds using VOF and everything seemed right. However I am having trouble visualizing the VOF for the post-process. I am simply trying to obtain a video showing the flow of the flush, however the fraction of VOF I use (0.5) doesn't show all the water flow. If I use a lower fraction, it shows a mixture of air and water. I only need a clear image to distinguish air with water. Could anyone help me with this issue?

The settings I have used are as follows.

3 phase VOF (water pressure, water interior volume and air interior volume), Implicit, Open channel flow, 0 Gauge pressure for air inlet and outlet, PISO and Body force weighted.

Thank you

Chaitanya June 16, 2008 07:36

Re: VOF visualisation help.

Create an iso-surface of 0.5 volume fraction. And then go to xy plot. Then plot grid distance over this iso-surface of 0.5 volume fraction. You can see then free surface level at different loactions.

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