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Juan June 13, 2008 10:17

Visualisation problem pls help!
Hello, I am trying to simulate a toilet flush flow using fluent. I have managed to simulate the flush from 0 up to 15 seconds using VOF and everything seemed right. However I am having trouble visualizing the VOF for the post-process. I am simply trying to obtain a video showing the flow of the flush, however the fraction of VOF I use (0.5) doesn't show all the water flow. If I use a lower fraction, it shows a mixture of air and water. I only need a clear image to distinguish air with water. Could anyone help me with this issue?

The settings I have used are as follows.

3 phase VOF (water pressure, water interior volume and air interior volume), Implicit, Open channel flow, 0 Gauge pressure for air inlet and outlet, PISO and Body force weighted.

Thank you

HSeldon June 14, 2008 02:08

Re: Visualisation problem pls help!
Hi, when you display the results, did you try to check the "clip to range" option? You could clip your visualization from 1 to 1 for example to only see the water. I hope I was clear. Good luck!

Juan June 17, 2008 04:23

Re: Visualisation problem pls help!
Thank you for your response, I have tried to clip the visualization from 1-1, however nothing appears at the display (except the grid geometry). Ive tried contour display with VOF of the water phase and filled the cells, Is this the right configuration?

Thank you again

Blue July 8, 2012 13:01

Hey, I have similar problem now. In my simulation of water tank(inlet from upside and outlet from bottom) I dont find clear difference between water and air. It all mixes. Plz reply thnx

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