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Lord Firestorm June 15, 2008 23:48

Fluent error after import case from ICEM
Hallo I think i have a similar problem to older threads but because i could find a solution to my here my problem. I created with Solid Works several 3D surfaces. Saved them as igs file and imported them to ICEM. Here i created a surface which should intersect with the igs files. To creat a 2D geometry i created lines where the surfaces intersected. Deleted the surfaces (igs file). Now I should have a nice 2D geometry. I meshed it checked the mesh and didn't get any problems. Then i opened the mesh in Fluent and fluent gave me this error msg.: "Building...

grid, Cell Centroid is xc -10.185716 yc 0.206205 WARNING: no face with given nodes. Thread 18, cell 19590 Error: Build_Grid: grid error.

Clearing partially read grid.

Error: Null Domain Pointer"

I thought it might be a geometry error in my ICEM geom. but i redraw everything multiple times. Result no double lines or points, no surfaces outside of mesh.... I tried my other cases which have slidely different geometry always the same error only difference is that same cases show me a different cell centroid coordinated. In total i have 7 cases and two different cell centroids....

Please help

Kind Regards

Lord Firestorm

red lemon June 19, 2008 16:50

Re: Fluent error after import case from ICEM
for fluent 2d all nodes must lie on x-y plane. Sometimes they can be out by like 1e-20m so check them in the preprocessor. try a project to x-y plane. also ensure use of latest ICEM export translator for Fluent from support.

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