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kamal June 16, 2008 18:43

boundry condition problem

i am new in gambit and fluent.i am modelling fluid and solid heat transfer problem.there is a transfer of heat from cylinder wall to the fluid.this is 2-D problem.what should be the boundry condition for this type of problem??

Novice June 17, 2008 01:52

Re: boundry condition problem

Bdry condition for the Cylinder wall is--> wall and in the wall panel you can find "thermal" tab. under this one can define the intial condition of the wall like temperature or the heat flux or convection...etc..

hope this helps

Best regards

chakamal June 17, 2008 17:36

Re: boundry condition problem
Hi novice! Thanks for giving me reply...Do i need to take fluid under specify continuum types as a BC's??....

Regards, Kamal

Farhath June 18, 2008 02:35

Re: boundry condition problem

since ur modelling a 2d problem with heat transfer between fluid and solid. To model this in CFD Requirements :

1.You have to specify fluid flow ie... inlet(pressure inlet or velocity inlet..) and outlet(pressure outlet) 2.Thermal parameters at the wall the wall panel as Novice told ,enter temp ,or heat flux.. need of seperatly defining any properties for fuid for incompresssible air (default)

hope it soves ur

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