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fluent_usr June 17, 2008 05:39

dear all, what is the basic difference between a UDM and a UDS. suppose, if i want to make a contour plot of a variable which i calculate in my udf (say, temperature); where should i store the variable so that i can view its contour plot ? pls note that the value of my variable (here, temperature) changes with every flow time step..

Also, since i calculate the temperature value over my domain instead of each you think will it make sense, if I calculate make a contour plot of the variable temperature ?

I hope my query was clear.

Best regards.

lzw June 18, 2008 03:28

UDS is short for user defined scalar. But UDM is for USER DEFINED MEMEORY. The former is used to define the equations of yourself. The latter is used to storage your values. Both types can be plot in the contours. But, if you just want to calculate some values, UDM is OK!

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