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pdz711 June 17, 2008 22:33

hydrostatic pressure influence
In Fluent,your inputs of pressure should not include hydrostatic pressure differences and reports of pressure will not show any influence of the hydrostatic pressure(described in Fluent User' Guide 7.3.1).Can this account for the follow case?

There is a upright column(H=10m) which the centre of bottom is located in(0,0,0),the velocity_inlet is set on bottom and top is set to outflow.Because the flow do not involve any pressure boundaries,FLUENT need reference pressure to to keep it from floating and the gauge pressure at the reference pressure location(0,0,0) is zero.From Bernoulli's equation the absolute pressure on top of column will be under zero,but in Fluent it differs,the absolute pressure on top of column much more than zero.


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