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Willem June 23, 2008 08:05

Steady state > Transient

When you run a time-indpendent problem in steady state and use the converged solution as an initial solution for the transient solver the residual shoot back up again. As there is no time-dependency in the problem, the solution should be the converged one for the transient case as well so there is no reason for such high residuals. Then for the next timestep the residuals tend to get up again, not as high as the first timestep but still way high. This repeats itself until only after many timesteps the residuals do not increase anymore appreciably and Fluent seems to have agreed there is no time dependency after all.

Does anybody know why this is the case and if there is anything one can do about it (for particle tracking I already found using "0 max. iterations per timestep" helpful)?

Kind regards

Eric June 24, 2008 11:18

Re: Steady state > Transient
i also wanna know that:)

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