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Willem June 23, 2008 10:52

Updating dynamic mesh
I have a deforming boundary wall whose motion is set by a UDF and find that for transient simulations the motion of this boundary wall is only updated after each timestep. Is there a way to let Fluent update the dynamic mesh motion (in my case a deforming boundary and mesh smoothing) after each (few) iterations?

I tried the execute command 'solve/mesh-motion' which works fine but automatically proceeds to the next timestep. Maybe I can go back a timestep next or is there maybe another way to do the trick?

Kind regards

red lemon June 23, 2008 14:42

Re: Updating dynamic mesh
reduce the time step size. Iterations are to solve the flow field for that timestep so reduce time step and associated number of iterations per time step.

Willem June 24, 2008 02:37

Re: Updating dynamic mesh
As my wall motion depends on the fluid solution I would very much like to solve them simultaneously. As I have to underrelax the wall motion very much to get stability, a smaller timestep would yield an unphysical lag between the fluid pressure and the wall motion which can be circumvented by solving both simultaneously.

Any tips, tricks, ideas?

adel m July 11, 2008 19:52

Re: Updating dynamic mesh
i want to knwo every thing about dynamic mesh

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