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Peter June 24, 2008 02:52

Centrifugal pump boundary conditions
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a centrifugal pump with 0.5m3/s, 2600RPM, and 15bar pressure rise.My boundary conditions are: Inlet:mass flow inlet, Outlet: 15bar static pressure. But I'm not getting the right pressure at the inlet which is supposed to be 1bar instead of same pressure as outlet. Am I putting the right boundary condition at the outlet or inlet? The fluid is water.

Thanks for any help

Raghu June 24, 2008 06:19

Re: Centrifugal pump boundary conditions
Hi peter how much is ur mass flow inlet value then there is one help file related to centrifugal pump in fluent did u see that......

With regards, Raghu

YK June 24, 2008 20:24

Re: Centrifugal pump boundary conditions
Hi Raghu my inlet mass flowrate is 500kg/s or 0.5m3/s. I saw a centrifugal blower tutorial in Fluent tutorial manual but not the pump. May I know which manual pls?

Thanks :)

Raghu June 25, 2008 02:02

Re: Centrifugal pump boundary conditions
Hi i am also mentioining the same tutorial centrifugal blower ok then can u send ur pressure results.....

With regards, Raghu

red lemon June 27, 2008 17:53

Re: Centrifugal pump boundary conditions
Is this MRF or sliding mesh. Have you setup the rotating fluid zone correctly?

Peter June 30, 2008 05:20

Re: Centrifugal pump boundary conditions
I'm using MRF. My rotating fluid zone is correct. But should I set the outlet boundary to be 15bar or 1atm pressure for the design pressure rise of 15bar?


abd rahman January 5, 2010 10:59

I'm new to this forum.

I'm also doing MRF.. I manage to run and re-model it in 2-D..
I'm trying to convert the MRF tutorial into 3-D for my centrifugal pump project..
Would some one advise me the best way to do it..


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