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milton June 25, 2008 09:37

Importing nodal data and creating volumes and mesh
Consider a 'Rubic Cube', 3 units in each direction. I wish to import the 4 x 4 nodal points on the 'front face', generate the 9 faces and then sweep the 9 faces, one unit deep to creat the first set of 9 volumes. Repeat this for the first row of volumes to get 2nd and then 3rd set of volumes. Now I have 27 mini-volumes, which I now want to grid up.

I want to automate this process by some form of scripting. However, unsure of how to ensure unique : point numbering, line numbering to generate faces and then volumes and onto scpefification of mesh densities on edges.

Surely some one has done this sort of thing before ? Can anyone offer detailed advice please ?

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