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Arash June 25, 2008 09:58

exporting data from Fluent to MATLAB

Does anyone know of a good way to export flow data from Fluent to MATLAB?

Thanks, Arash

Renato Pacheco June 26, 2008 13:11

Re: exporting data from Fluent to MATLAB
you can try file/export and then you choose wich information you would like to export, and choose the ASCII type of file. so you can read it as a txt file in columns and rows and read it into matlab.

Sorin October 10, 2013 08:31

Hi Arash,

In case you are still interested...

You can also execute the file export ascii command from Matlab while Fluent is running.

Please follow the indications in my other post that can be accessed at the following link:


sewgolam July 6, 2017 04:21

Hey guy,

how can i import a scripfile from matlab into fluent

divergence July 6, 2017 05:51

Haven't done that myself but I suppose you could save the script in .c form and read it in Fluent as a user defined function (udf).

Sorin July 6, 2017 08:58

Hi sewgolam,

What do you mean by "importing a script file from matlab into Fluent"? Fluent does not explicitly store scripts. The UDF and the journal files are "Fluent code" that is executed. Such code can generate results that can be exported, but the script per se are not exportable.

If you meant "executing a script file from Matlab into Fluent", then that is possible and is is relatively easy.
Just follow the instructions in my blog at

Please reformulate your question if you want more details.

Thank you



Originally Posted by sewgolam (Post 656010)
Hey guy,

how can i import a scripfile from matlab into fluent

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