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cestrin June 29, 2008 19:06

Gambit geometry problem
I'm using AUTODESK Inventor to create a business jet and simulate it using Fluent. I have loaded my design into Gambit and am now running into a small problem. The outside part of the cylinder which represents the engine are not showing up. I don't know if the problem is occuring in Gambit or in my Inventor model. Also, I have a second smaller cylinder inside of the engine to represent the turbines. This area is being covered by the front and back of the same cylinder I am having problems with above. If anyone has run into this problem and gotten around it please let me know how you fixed it. Thanks.

- Chase

hailang June 29, 2008 22:48

Re: Gambit geometry problem
Please sent your meshORjab file of model you have created to my email can help you .

Friend June 30, 2008 05:05

Re: Gambit geometry problem
After saving the file in AUTODESK Inventor try to reread it using the same program then see if the outer geometry is appearing. If that is ok then you may go further into thinking about Gambit.

If the problem is in Gambit only then you may try to read the case in Gambit using different file format which may be the cure for the issue.

Good luck

hhh July 4, 2012 02:33

gambit geomentry problem
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Dear friends,
i am trying to do airfoil analysis,here its different i slice the wing to get coordinates of the cross section it looks like 2d straight line(no thickness), but i am trying to make 2d plate that is project st line above and make line joining then its 2d plate(may be its look like rectangular).my probelem is after import& make 2d plate in gambit i am not able to create boundary for 2d meshing,because for airfoil we subtract the face here i subtract the face entire will be deleted including my 2d plate, here i upload my data in word .please let me know what the problem.

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