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dqew July 4, 2008 05:14

help for Fluent
Hi!, I am at the moment discovering the programm fluent and i could need some help for a project.

I simulate models using the programm Gambit, a model represent fractures with dead side arms, a model is similar to this sketch drawing

...........Dead arm entrance:_____|______:exit ..............| ...........Dead arm

I have defined my inlet boundary as Velocity_inlet and my outlet boudary as Pressure_outlet. The global volum is defined as fluid continuum.

My question about fluent : My model is considered as filled with water which is under a pressure "x", at a moment "t" a pollutant is injected (this informations will be integrated in the Fluent database). The aim is to obtain a graphic representing the pollutant concentration at the exit VS time.

Could somebody help me ? is it possible ? Cheers

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