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Nimesh Meghpara July 5, 2008 18:34

space shuttle re-entry CFD
To all,

I am doing my masters project on effect of damaged insulation tile on thermal protection capabilities in space shuttle orbiter. In this project, I am considering thermal protection made of three layers al structure, strain isolation pad and rigid insulating tile and considering 6 X 6" cross-section.

I have to find re-entry heat flux on top surface of rigid tile because of atmospheric friction. For that, I have to use cfd software like fluent. I just started learning fluent software that's why i don't know how I am going to model above situation in fluent to find re-entry heat flux. Will it be possible to calculate heat flux on top surface because of atmospheric friction if I just consider small square cross section of rigid insulating tile. If so, how can I model it in fluent?

Thank you,

Nimesh Meghpara

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