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pongup July 6, 2008 02:29

Polyflow and memory problem

I am having the problem with Polyflow and the memory. When I use a large mesh file (>15000 cells), Polyflow reported error messages about the memory is not enough like this:

------------- Warning in DPZRMS

Error detected in stack storage allocation package

Current static allocation : 0.529E+00 Mbytes

Current dynamic allocation : 0.709E+03 Mbytes

Maximum of allocation : 0.709E+03 Mbytes

*** ERROR *** in *DPGETB*

Malloc failed.

Probable cause: not enough swap space currently available.


My system is Polyflow 3.11 on windows xp, quadcore with 3G RAM.

As a note, this is exactly the problem with a poster in 2004, and still there is nobody replies him.

Anyone has this kind of problem? How can you fix this?

Thank you so much.

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