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kamal July 9, 2008 19:33

convection heat transfer
Hi all! i have problem in convective heat cylinder wall tempreture is at 25 degree and fluid inside the cylinder is at 5 degree.this is unsteady state problem.i plot the graph for Average tempreture of the fluid Vs Time in the fluent.Now i need to plot the same graph by changing the different value of the thermal conductivity of the fluid. Can anyone help me in this problem??

Micael July 13, 2008 12:25

Re: convection heat transfer
You can write a journal that change conductivity then iterate to solution then write (appends) the average temperature in a file. You can repeat these 3 steps in your journal as many time as you want just by copy-past the lines (just do a long repetitive journal) but with new conductivity.

In order to write the journal, I suggest you to start doing the 3 steps using the TUI in order to find out what the commands should be. Once you can do it with the TUI, it's exactly the sames commands for the journal.

Micael July 13, 2008 12:32

Re: convection heat transfer
You want to have many Temperature vs time profil? (with different conductivity)? In that case, I think it's best to write each profil in a different file (one file for each profil). Just use a diffent name for the file in the journal for each repetition of the 3 steps.

kamal July 13, 2008 13:57

Re: convection heat transfer
hi micael! thanks for ur reply..u r taking about which journal..can u specify the procedure in detail plz....thanks again for ur help

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