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Sunny July 9, 2008 22:23

multiphase- reaction flow
Hi, dear friends,I am a FLUENT package user,when doing the research, I met a bid problem: the goal of my simulation is descriped as follow: A countercurrent reactor, the half of the reactor is packed with solid particles in different materials with different diameters: coal,coke and etc. at the bottom of the reactor, side blowing of Oxygen with a velocity of 200m/s high, the blowing oxygen combusted the coke and coal in the packed bed , releasing lots of reductive gas also plenty heat to suply lots of other reactions take place in the packed bed and melt the solid materials as well. Is there any kind-hearted person who can tell me if the package FLUENT can deal with my problem? Thank you very much and look forward your reply!

Sunny July 15, 2008 04:27

Re: multiphase- reaction flow
Is there anybody who can help me ? Thank you very much,looking forward replies!

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