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Ravi July 10, 2008 12:40

Fidap to Fluent
Hi guys

Its been a while since I posted on this forum. I have returned to soing some CFD related research after almost an year now. And this is where I need some help from you guys.

1. I have heard that Fluent has discontinued supporting fidap. And for this reason, my research lab has purchased new licenses for fluent, and we are soon to begin the process of migrating from fidap to fluent.

2. Apart from knowing the basic difference between the two (fidap being FE based and fluent being volume-difference based), I have no idea about fluent. I have never worked with it before and looks like I have to use it for atleast 3 years to come.

My question is, are there any users here that have had the same issue of migrating from Fidap to Fluent? What are your general experiences, and what do I need to know to use fluent since this will be the first time I would use it.

Its pretty frustrating since I used fidap extensively for my MS thesis, and when I come back to the same lab after an year, I am still a novice in using the CFD software because it Fluent now instead of Fidap. Any tips on where to get started ith fluent?


mettler July 10, 2008 13:14

Re: Fidap to Fluent
In my opinion, the best way to get started with Fluent is to work thru the tutorials that are supplied. You can usually find a tutorial that will resemble the research you are trying to do. That is how I learned Fluent.

N.Veiga July 10, 2008 13:18

Re: Fidap to Fluent
Try the fluent tutorial suggest by the cornell university.

good luck

Ravi July 10, 2008 13:31

Re: Fidap to Fluent
Thanks Mettler and Veiga. Although, the tutorials only focus on GUIs. I need to run fidap on a linux based command line interface.


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