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N.Veiga July 10, 2008 12:57

inlet vent in the middle of the domain
I'm modelling the flow in an underground car park imposed by a fan. The fan is in the middle off a duct and the duct has at his ends two vents, one in each side and the duct is placed at the ceiling in the middle off the domain.

My problem is that I can't use the inlet and the outlet vent boundary condition because the vents are not at the end off the domain. When I do that, FLUENT just make the calculation at the inside of the duct. How can I simulate the vents if I don't want to draw one by one the deflectors?


red lemon July 10, 2008 16:58

Re: inlet vent in the middle of the domain
the duct inlet to the fan is the exit from the domain and the exit from the fan duct is the inlet to the domain. Anyway why cant you model the duct as well and the fan using the fan model or MRF? Then you will get the exit conditions correct with swirl etc.

N.Veiga July 13, 2008 15:11

Re: inlet vent in the middle of the domain
I have already modelled the fan as fan model using the boundary condition in fluent. My problem is how to model the vents placed at the ends of the duct (as I had said, the duct is in the middle of a cube, the car park) without creating conflicts between the others boundary condition in the cube (pressure inlet for example).

Tanks for your help

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