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Abel July 13, 2008 04:45

Hi !

The message "viscosity ratio limited to ...." appears when I activate a time dependent problem. It does not appears in the same "steady" problem. The convergence is reached normally in steady case !.

Do you have an idea !


Friend July 13, 2008 06:28

Re: viscosity-ratio_transient
May I suggest one thing that came into mind, that is try the coupled solver instead of segregated and let us know of what happens

umesh javiya July 13, 2008 17:47

Re: viscosity-ratio_transient
May be this problem persist for few iterations and will disappear...!! you can reduce time step factor by 100 and try it...and increase it slowly...let say initial time step size about 1e-8 for 10 time-steps and increase to 1e-7 for next 10 time step and so...on.... may be keep at least 100 iterations per time step for initial few time step and see what happen.....

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