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Craig July 15, 2008 18:54

Problem Exporting to Tecplot
I have a problem exporting my entire 3D domain velocity field to Tecplot.

This is how I export from Fluent

file export tecplot filename (default-interior) x-velocity y-velocity z-velocity:

When I import into tecplot, my mesh is all screwed up (but the overall shape is there). I'm not able to triangulate, or create iso surfaces or stream traces.

However, if I import data from a plane in Fluent to Tecplot using the same procedure, it works perfectly.

How do I properly load my velocity field into tecplot?

shehab abdelrahman July 15, 2008 19:05

Re: Problem Exporting to Tecplot
don't choose the default interior... or choose any thing from the list. the fluent then will export the whole boundaries and interioir as well. if you choose the interior only the fluent will screw it up. hope that might help you shehab

Craig July 15, 2008 23:21

Re: Problem Exporting to Tecplot
Thanks for advice. I imported the Fluent .cas and .dat file directly into Tecplot without using Fluent's export option. Unfortunately I got an "End-of-file error while skipping etc..."

This was resolved using this thread:

Basically I had to re-write my .cas and .dat file as the original .cas and .dat was written while using the parallel solver (Fluent 6.3 - which has a minor bug, fixed in Fluent 6.4).

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