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multiphase-flow July 17, 2008 21:51

question on generating sliding mesh in Gambit

I want to learn sliding mesh. For a simple example, I created a cylinder, volume 1 in Gambit, then I created impeller (rushton blades) inside of the cylinder. After I created the second cylinder, volume 2 which is inside of volume 1 and rushton blades are inside of volume 2. I splitted volume 1 with volume 2 (in this way, I can set faces of volume 2 as interior). I know that is the way for MRF. But for using sliding mesh, what should I do next? Should I create a third cylinder, volume 3 the same size as volume 2 or smaller than volume 2. What is the relationship between volume 3 and volume 1, 2. I tried splitting, but it does not work. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.

mAx July 18, 2008 00:33

Re: question on generating sliding mesh in Gambit
forget the third volume. deconnect volume 2 and volume 1. you should have 2 stacked faces between the 2 volumes. then set the 2 faces as interface.

umesh javiya July 18, 2008 13:05

Re: question on generating sliding mesh in Gambit
hi.... you may need to follow following steps. 1) created two separate mesh for volume-1 and volume-2..

--for this step delete one volume in Gambit and export second volume mesh but dont save gambit *.dbs file and then load again gambit file *.dbs delete second volume and export first volume...and you will have two mesh files. 2) merge two meshes in TGRID (package from should find same directory as in fluent otherwise follow step 3).. ---for this step read both *.msh files in tgrid by file>read-mesh and select both mesh ....then just just write mesh file write mesh..give third file name...this mesh is ready for sliding mesh..... read in fluent and do your simulations...

3) read first mesh in fluent....and then append second mesh Grid>zone>append case file and select second mesh file...and do setup you boundary conditions as in sliding mesh tutorial......

Best of luck....

jesse July 21, 2008 11:17

Re: question on generating sliding mesh in Gambit
the grid is the same, with different zones on the either side of the interface;

boundary condition/ solid/moving mesh

define/grid/interface (here identify which one is the interface for which zone)

sheikh nasir February 21, 2012 01:36

sliding mesh , plz help
hi i am using sliding mesh technique in my case i.e train moving in tunnel . i am not able to work it out . can any body help me. my email is

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