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Lord Firestorm July 17, 2008 22:04

saving window as hard copy
Good Day everyone I have several cases to postprocess and i wanted to make it quicker and more effective. That is why i wanted to write a journal. I need to save a picture of the pathlines in a presaved view and save it as jpg. Then a second one diplaying the contours of pressure. And after that some more stuff but less important. I thought i made it write. but.... Fluent is opening the window in the correct view but it doesn't save it properly. I can't open the picture later. And my pressure contours pic is having no pressure it just shows me the boundaries. Here my text commands which i tried to use for doing so: display/path-lines/path-lines velocity-magnitude fan_outlet

2 0 44 n display/view/read-views C:\"view-file" display/view/restore-view "view-file" display/hard-copy C:\"file".jpg y display/contour/pressure -840 850 display/hard-copy C:\"file".jpg y

Thank you a lot for your help

jesse July 21, 2008 11:07

Re: saving window as hard copy
i have no clue,but, start journa/stop journal, then run it individually for each case seems the easiest way.

Lord Firestorm July 21, 2008 21:13

Re: saving window as hard copy
That is no real time saving option.

jesse July 22, 2008 09:12

Re: saving window as hard copy
it surely will work by running the program in linux system.

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