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Valeria July 19, 2008 16:22

porous medium and reactions
Dear users: I am simulating "Flow and Heat Transfer in a fixed bed reactor Catalytic. Enters the catalytic reactor a gas stream. I intend to model chemical species transport and chemical reaction (Endothermic, exothermic and reversible), which are as follows: CH4 + H2O<--->CO + 3H2 CO + H2O<---->CO2 + H2 The idea is to use the model of porous medium for the area was packed and behave as a catalyst for such reactions. My questions are as follows: - What considerations should I specify to ensure that the porous medium acting as a catalyst for the reactions involved in the problem? - What model must be activated so that the reactions occurring in the porous medium: volumetric reaction, reaction on the surface of the wall? -Is it necessary to define areas or sites where chemical reactions occur involved in the problem? - The system "porous medium and reactions" Is it as a homogeneous system or should be defined two phases (phase gas and solid phase) and to note that the program holds the porous medium as fluid? In addition it is intended to model the heat transfer in the porous medium and want to specify what constitutes material, it will act at once as a catalyst for the reactions that I gave earlier. How Fluent manages this data? If the program finds the porous medium as fluid and as porous assure you that this area does not move. What is the best representation of packed bed reactor? I hope can help me. Thank you!

Claud July 10, 2009 03:58

Porous media with reactions
Hi Valeria,
did you find a way how to do it in FLUENT? I am also interested in this kind of topic but maybe you have some useful information or even example to provide.
Thanx in advance

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