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Valeria July 19, 2008 16:48

Eulerian Multifase model with species transport
Dear Members: I'm trying to model catalytic reactions in a fixed bed using the Model Multiphase Granular Eulerian. In this case I have two phases, gas and solid phase (spherical particles defined through the Eulerian model to act as a catalyst for the reactions to be conducted in the process). The reactions are as follows: 1)CH4 + H2O <---> CO + 3H2 2)CO + H2O <---> CO2 + H2 3)catalyst: alumina.

I have difficulties in defining the reactions and interaction between the two phases and would like to consult: If each spherical particles acts as a particle of catalytic reactions.¿To define the reactions present Is the only way is through programming UDF? As I specify that there are 2 reactions occur and the bed packing formed by spherical particles in UDF? Is it possible? How? I hope that I can help. Thank you!

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