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cfd-user July 20, 2008 18:00

URGENT - DPM Macro for custom bc

I am trying to define a DPM BC for my DPM model such that

--> If a particle interacts with wall then use reflect bc

and if number if such reflects is more than 5 remove the particle from domain (i.e. escape)

I need following macros to execute this

a) Macro to extract number of wall/particle interaction

b) Macro to abort a particle

Can anyone tell me is this is possible if so how?

This is immediate requirement and I would appreciate any help in this

Thank you


user July 21, 2008 11:20

Re: URGENT - DPM Macro for custom bc
hi, what is the reason of escape ? do you want to have a physical escape, or you want to have a counter which counts for 5 particles and then restart the counter ? one query here from me since you use DPM: does your particle have both linear and angular velocity ? if yes, how do you calculate angular velocity ?

best wishes.

cfd-user July 21, 2008 11:26

Re: URGENT - DPM Macro for custom bc

I am using DPM model in 2D axisymmetric domain

I want to use a BC such that if a particle collides more than 5 times with wall I want to abort the calculation of that particle and remove it completely from the domain

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