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xc July 22, 2008 16:28

Help on "Numbe of mass source"
Dear All,

When we set the mass (momentum, energy) source terms in FLUENT 6.3.26, we need to specify "number of mass sources." Could anybody explain what that means? Or in another words, what will be the difference if we set 2 or 4 sources? I could not find this from manual. Any help will be highly appreciated.


CDE July 22, 2008 20:46

Re: Help on "Numbe of mass source"
It's simply the number of source terms you want to inlude in the mass, momentum or energy equation. For example, you can have multiple source terms computed using different UDFs to describe some chemical reaction.

xc July 23, 2008 12:40

Re: Help on "Numbe of mass source"
Thank you very much for your response. I will do a simple test.


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