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George Kakavas July 22, 2008 20:40

plot surface elevation
Hello everyone

I use the VOF model in Fluent to propagate waves along a slope. I use variable time step method, unsteady solver. I use 2ddp version and UDF files for the inlet conditions. How can i plot the surface elevation as a function of time at a specific point that I am interested in? I do not see any options at display or plot panel.. Thank you in advance

CDE July 22, 2008 20:59

Re: plot surface elevation
Setup a line at postion you want to monitor the level at. Then Iso-clip the line to volume fraction of 0.5. Finally, setup a monitor of maximum y-coordinate on the clipped line.

George Kakavas July 23, 2008 09:54

Re: plot surface elevation
So to understand this properly because i am not a Fluent expert, i need to plot the surface elevation at a specific point which is located underneath the initial water level. Do i need to create a vertical or a horizontal line?

And then at iso-clip there are 2 values to enter for volume fraction. Min and max. Which of them should be 0.5 and what is the apropriate value for the other?

And finally, when plotting y-coordinate, do i need to set area-weighted average for the y-axis?or something else?

Thank you again

CDE July 23, 2008 17:21

Re: plot surface elevation
I'm assuming that your surface elevation is horizontal so you need to create a vertical line. This makes it perpendicular to the surface.

Iso-clip the line with min=0.5 and max=1 volume fraction of the fluid that you want to monitor. Just display the line after you clipped it to make sure its right. It should go from y=0 to y=surface elevation.

Set the monitor to Vertex-maximum for Y-coordinate. This will return the maxium y coordinate of the clipped line.

George Kakavas July 25, 2008 07:29

Re: plot surface elevation
It really worked exactly as i wanted to... Thank you very much

Randre June 1, 2010 11:53


Someone could explain me how to plot a surface elevation graph in a determined flow time where:

x - x distance;
y - surface elevation elevation.

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