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Zurlugh July 24, 2008 05:43

Define animate using TUI

I'm a new Fluent user and I'm having some problem defining an animation using the TUI. I have an unsteady problem of which I want to save animation of different views for different variables. Since I have to set a lot of parameters and animations I would like to make it in a faster way through the journal file. When I try to define an animation using the TUI (/solve/animate/define/define-monitor) fluent says:

"First display the post processing results and then define the animation sequence. Also, for all type of monitors(surface,residuals....etc), first set the monitor parameters and then define the animation monitor"

So I suppose I have first to plot what I want to animate and then define the animation. After plotting I try again and it seems to work but when I go and check using the GUI and lot of parameter are wrong or not set:

1)animation name 2)storage directory 3)display type (the most important!!)...which I set to be a contour in the TUI and I found it to be grid in the GUI :(

Does someone knows how to set animation of contour plot of pressure, density, etc. using the TUI???

thank you very much for your help.


Zurlugh July 24, 2008 08:55

Re: Define animate using TUI

I think I found it by myself, it is not using the TUI but almost.

What I did is this:

1) file->write->start journal 2) set the animations using the GUI 3) file->write->stop journal 4) open the .jou file just created 5) copy and past the code into my .jou file 6) reload.cas and my .jou

Doing so I have all the animation sets as I want to, and I just had to use the GUI once. I didn't knew this useful option. But anyway it still puzzle me that there're certain things that you could do using the GUI and not with the TUI.


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