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sphinx July 24, 2008 15:05

Fluent rejecting mesh
hi, i have modeled a 3d structure (mesh) in gambit using vertex>joining them>creating different faces but when i want to use it in fluent, fluent rejects it showing the following message:

Error: no cells in zone, id = 0, ind1 = 1, indn = 0Reading Cells: failed while reading section 12. Clearing partially read grid.

here is the mesh file,it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can tell me what's wrong:


CDE July 24, 2008 17:15

Re: Fluent rejecting mesh
did you create a voulme with the faces and mesh the volume in Gambit?

sphinx July 25, 2008 15:05

Re: Fluent rejecting mesh you plz tell me how to do's really urgent...

thanx for responding


AAA July 25, 2008 22:17

Re: Fluent rejecting mesh

Maybe you meshed the faces but forgot to mesh the volume. This will show the volume as if it was meshed.



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