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Francis July 25, 2008 13:46

Aspect Ratio of 2D model in FLUENT
Hi Gents,

I am currently using FLUENT to model cylinder mounted in a wind tunnel. The model was created and solved in 2D. Now I am wondering whether the Aspect Ratio, i.e. the span of the cylinder would effect the results.

So, any idea about the default Aspect Ratio in 2D model, would that be infinite?

Thanks a lot

AAA July 25, 2008 22:09

Re: Aspect Ratio of 2D model in FLUENT

The "flow dynamics" shouldn't be affected, since Fluent treats the flow around the cylinder as having an infinite length in the depth of the screen. Regarding mass flows and areas etc. though, values per unit length through the screen are provided (goto: Report--> Surface Integrals).



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