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Kushagra July 25, 2008 21:35

Initial condition data file from coarse mesh case
Hi, I have been a CFX user and new to FLUENT. Hence please help me with my basic questions.

1) I have perfromed a simulation and now I have refined my mesh in certain regions. So can I use the old *dat file as the initial condition for the fine mesh case ?

2) Is there any way to export the case settings from the coarse mesh case and import it for the fine mesh simulation ?

Thanks in advance, Kushagra

AAA July 25, 2008 21:53

Re: Initial condition data file from coarse mesh c

You can use BCs and other solver settings from an old file by "writing" them from the old file and "reading" them into the new file.

1) At the old case, start with having the cerser in the Fluent window.

2) Press "Enter", you shoould see all the options.

3) At the prompt, type: write-bc {give it a name}

4) In the new (refined) case, type: read-bc {name}

* The BC file should be in the same directiry as the case file.

* When reading the new file, only BCs having same names will be assigned.

I hope this helps

Kind Regards


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