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Sri July 27, 2008 21:29

High velocity grinding and classification system
hi, i am a new fluent user. my system is a combination of high speed jet milling, dry air classifier & filtering system. The high impact collision between solid particles & air produces fine products & further the products are classified in the classification & filtering system. i need to explain & quantitatively show the mechanism within the mill & further relate it to the breakage kinetics & product quality in terms of fineness for example. i need to relate the input quality (raw material) with the output (product characteristics). How could i achieve this? i need to use 2d as well as 3d multiphase flow. Please kindly help me. thanks.


tkm July 29, 2008 04:23

Re: High velocity grinding and classification syst
Start simulating few simple problems before taking up a complex one. Your problem is a complex one which contains simulation of flow, multiphase and mass transfer and as a beginner its difficult to handle such complex flows. rgds,

Smith_K July 30, 2008 08:30

Re: High velocity grinding and classification syst
Start the solution with flow analysis only. Add complexities as you start getting the results. Like, first inject particles, then move the jet miller, introduce mass transfer etc.

Sri July 30, 2008 10:35

Re: High velocity grinding and classification syst
TQ Smith & tkm. With respect to the study , 1st i start with 2d model & proceed to 3d model. I am trying to study the fluidization of solid particles with carrier gas, flow analysis & the profile within the mill including pressure distribution , velocity & volume fraction for both phases. How about 'patching' region in 2d & 3d models? How about setting the under relaxation factors? What are the special attention i should give in setting the pressure, momentum, volume fraction, turbulant viscosity ratio etc. for convergence? Thank you.

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